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Highland Outfitters

We accept cash or check ONLY
Walk ins or same day reservations are very rarely available. please schedule 1-2 weeks in advance
Please call or text to reserve times on the 26th - 30th of Dec.
Christmas Eve is closed due to the extreme wind chill for the horses safety
New Years eve (Dec 31) is completely booked, please do not schedule for this day
The second sleigh runs ten minutes behind the other. Two sleighs cannot leave at the same time, and we cannot put more than 10 riders on at a time
We will not operate in anything under 5 degrees for the horse's safety
Please arrive 5-10 minutes early, we cannot guarantee a ride if you are late

Choose a service to schedule

Public Horse drawn Wagon/Sleigh Ride - $10 per person
There will be other groups/families on the sleigh with you.
$10 per person, $5 per 5yo & under.
*Sleigh or wagon, weather permitting*
Private Horse drawn Wagon/Sleigh Ride - $100
Private groups, only your group/family on sleigh.
$100 flat rate, up to 10 passengers.
*Sleigh or wagon, weather permitting*